Friday, November 27, 2015

On Writing

I really need to write more often.

Which is an odd thing to say as a grad student.  I'm finishing out what should be the last fall semester of my Masters Degree and the last fall before I begin my PhD.  I'm working on a class where I'm putting together an article to submit to a conference (which will need cleaning up, assuredly), I'm about to start working on my final paper for my Cognitive Ethnography Class, and I need to do some work on my final Interactive Narrative Class.

And I need to write more often.

It is definitely an odd thing to say.

Part of me wants to throw out some of the screen play I was working on for class.  The characters involved mean a lot to me, even if I cannot claim supreme authorship, and they remind me of better times creatively.

I'll need to think about that a bit more before I commit to it.