Thursday, December 3, 2015

On The End of a Semester

Well, the winter break and associated holidays are upon us all.

This will be my last spring semester working on my Masters with the goal of moving on into the Ph.D. program in Arts and Technology at the University of Texas-Dallas.

The idea of going elsewhere appeals to me, but that is more from a traditional background. In the humanities, going to another school for one's masters, then another for their Ph.D. is the usual progression.  Game Studies, on the other hand, is often looped into other schools - so, normally those going into the studies are coming from a more relevant school. Often, one has done their undergraduate work in their bachelor's that relate directly to their Masters.

I'm in a curious position.

My undergraduate work was back in the 1990s and isn't really relevant to what I am doing now. Back then, I was going to be an attorney. Over a decade later of being deep in game design and development, a history degree isn't worth much beyond affording me the chance to earn a Masters degree.

So, I'm finishing my Masters and finding that, getting a Ph.D in something like Game Studies often requires glomming into something else like Media Studies.

I want to focus specifically on Game Studies.

So, I'm looking around, but in all likelihood, I'll be remaining here for the next few years - at the very least - as I dive headfirst into a Ph.D at UTD