Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frak its cold

We had a high here in Tulsa of 19 degrees yesterday, and expecting a high of 30 today.

19! 30!

And what is the high supposed to be on Friday? 60! In the span of four days, we're going from deep winter to midfall temperatures. Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold. My balls can't take much more of this!

The house hunt continues; the best news is how much response my wife has gotten from nearby hospitals and doctors doing research who need a CCRC (Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, for the layman), as well as an RN.

Considering that we see her going back to work as a good thing both financially and socially, since Max will have to be enrolled in school or daycare, it's a win win.

On the house searching has been narrowed down to five or six homes, and, well, my Mom has volunteered to come down to Houston and watch the boy so Gina can come up here and interview as well as experience the cold icy embrace of northeastern Oklahoma.

Did I mention I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving.

It will be epic. Simply Epic.

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