Friday, April 18, 2014

Just hanging out on the couch, nearing the end of the semester

"If this thing goes sideways and we end up on the other side, meet me at the bar. I'm buying."           -- Garrus Vakarian 

For those that don't know, and I think that would be most everyone who peruses my blog, I have gone back to school to work on a Masters Degree in Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas.

I'm looking to begin teaching as a profession at UTD, but, at the same time, I'm on the fence about taking some levels as academic and work on a PhD.  I think I'll trend my class selection toward that goal, but teach for a few years before jumping in toward being a professional academic.

My initial class load includes an analysis of music and myth, which has been a challenge.  While I've had a chance to really stretch out my intellectual and creative muscles, and listen to some really great music, it's been a source of stress.  The class puts me considerably outside of my element.  Not even the same periodical chart.

I've also worked on a serious game in an experimental game lab.  That has been fun, and I've had the chance to work with some cool people on the game.  It's been a great experience and let me delve into something that would not have any financial gain.  

Finally, I've been working on a class called "Design Principles".  While these principles generally are attributed to visual design, many are applicable to game design.  The professor, Professor Cassini Nazir, is fantastic.  His wry sense of humor conceals a very deep appreciation for the material.

In the spirit of my musical analysis piece that I wrote, and because it evokes some powerful memories, I give you a favorite piece of mine from Mass Effect 3:

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