Sunday, December 14, 2014

Like a Phoenix

So, much has changed since I have last posted.

Well, actually, not much has changed.  Still in the Masters Program at UTD.  I am nearly complete with my second semester.  The current fall semester is wrapping up this week, and thus far, I feel pretty comfortable with two of my three classes.

Game Design
Unfortunately, this felt like a gimme.  After a decade or so in professional development, the requirements of the class were fun.  I had the chance to work with some great people on board games, playing competitive games (Games Workshop continues to deliver when it comes to obtuse rules), and building levels and modules for ARMA 2.  I'm working with another student to build a co-operative ARMA 2 multiplayer level.  Its nearly done.

Game Lab
This was an interesting experience.  The class dealt with building the vertical slice of a game.  If you would like to check out our work, you can view the link here.  Part of me felt like I was on the wrong team from the standpoint of scope and features - our game was pretty straight forward and the team worked incredibly well together.  It reminded me of the days of "Aeon Flux" at Terminal Reality.  I don't know the specifics of the other team, but comparing the quality and experience of the two teams seems night and day.  Our team worked together and how carefully we scoped and planned the project, our work went incredibly smoothly and, when playing the other teams game, wondering if I couldn't have helped them a bit more.

This was an interesting class.  It is a required class, and I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of aesthetic analysis was fairly limited to architecture.  In many ways, I felt as much out of my depth as I felt in the previous core class.

That said, I enjoyed the class.  I felt like I learned a snippet of a lot of cool information and had the chance to experience a lot of little different things.  I had the chance to interact with a brilliant instructor who possesses a singular wit.

As we get closer to the Winter holidays, my school work is tapering off with finals this week but will pick back up in January.  I will endeavor to spend more time posting, my next semester will be more heavily engaged when it comes to writing.


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