Monday, February 16, 2015

Games and Culture

So I just finished writing not one but two papers for my Game Studies class.


Since the start of semester, a month and a half ago, I've written 4 out of 5 required papers. Each paper covered what is hoped to be a specific angle of study in games, while one used a book and another used a game as their inspirations.

The course requires 5 minor papers, 2 covering required games in the course, 2 covering required texts, and a third that is derived either from a game or from a book that we cover in class.

I'm front loading because there is a 10 page paper due by the end of class.

And my other classes are writing intensive, which I hope to use in either helping craft better papers and help craft better teaching experiences for my students.

Thus far, all I can say is that my reading list is growing by the day and that I find my interests spreading out far too fast.  Though, I think I'd like to delve more critically into the formation and intentional ignorance of the culture surrounding games by the industry.


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