Friday, March 6, 2015

On Spock

I'm a bit behind.  So, here we go...

Farewell, Ambassador.

So, I'd like to write a bit about the passing of a Science Fiction icon, as Leonard Nimoy has passed.  I have a long time love affair with Star Trek.  The universe of Star Trek is hopeful, even in the face of horror and the unknown, filled with optimism that seems to be lacking in Fiction generally and Science Fiction specifically.

And then there was Spock.

Leonard was iconic as Spock, not just because of the character, but because he did more than simply read off the page.  He committed himself, his personal outlook and his philosophies - secular and religious - to the character.  For a man who, at one point, defiantly proclaimed "I am not Spock", the amount of his own persona and life he poured into the character defied separation.

Spock, for me, was more than simply a great character in which an actor poured himself into with grace and skill.  He was an alien who was, at once, more human than the humans with which he shared screen time.

I was deeply moved on learning of his death.  I grew up with Trek and Spock, and while the rational part of me always knew that this would happen (illogical to think otherwise?), there is still the understanding that a deeply important part of my personal, cultural makeup is physically gone.

And, in that way, his performance and the world he helped create will always have an effect on me.

Live long and Prosper, Ambassador.  

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